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Longines FEI World Cup Western European League; Porsche Helsinki Horse Show
Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Western European League - Helsinki International Horse Show

On Sunday 21 October 2018, Gudrun Patteet (BEL) and Sea Coast Pebbles Z claimed the second leg of the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM during the Helsinki International Horse Show. German rider Hans-Dieter Dreher and his mount Embassy II arrived second followed by Sweden’s Peder Fredricson on Hansson WI. As the Title Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ series, Longines was proud to grant the winning rider with an elegant Longines watch as a reward of her great performance.

Besides, this world-class competition was also the perfect opportunity for the spectators to discover the Official Watch of the event, the Conquest V.H.P. “Very High Precision” model, which represents a new achievement in the field of quartz, combining great precision, high technicality and a sporty look marked by the brand’s unique elegance.

Longines FEI World Cup North American League; Del Mar; 2018; Jumping
Longines FEI World Cup North American League - Del Mar

On Saturday 20 October 2018, American rider Zazou Hoffman and her mount Samson II claimed the 5th leg of the 2018/2019  Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM North American League in Del Mar, California. Eduardo Menezes (BRA) on H5 Quintol arrived second, while USA’s Georgina Bloomberg on Charmeur completed the podium.


As the Title Partner, Official Timekeeper and Watch of the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM North American League series, Longines was delighted to grant the Zazou Hoffman with an elegant Longines timepiece. Besides, the Swiss watchmaker was proud to present the Official Watch of the event, the Conquest V.H.P. “Very High Precision” model, representing a new achievement in the field of quartz, combining great precision, high technicality and a sporty look, marked by the brand’s unique elegance.

QIPCO British Champions Day; Ascot; 2018; Horse Racing;
홀스 레이싱
QIPCO British Champions Day - Ascot

The Swiss watch brand Longines, Main Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of Ascot Racecourse, was proud to provide its timekeeping expertise to the five thrilling races of the QIPCO British Champions Day, including the QIPCO British Champions Stakes, claimed by Craksman led by 2015 Longines World’s Best Jockey Frankie Dettori. This much-anticipated race day, which concludes the British flat racing season, was also marked by the celebration of the Flat Season Owners’ Championship title, claimed again this year by Godolphin. The Thoroughbred horseracing stable was represented by Hugh Anderson, Managing Director for UK & Dubai, and Sam Bullard, Director of Stallions, who received a Longines timepiece as well as a trophy form the hands of Juan-Carlos Capelli, Longines Vice President and Head of International Marketing.


In addition, the QIPCO British Champions Day was the opportunity for the brand to host an official presentation of its Longines Tracking System – first inaugurated in June during Royal Ascot and currently in use at Ascot racecourse – to selected members of horse racing world and press. This game-changing technology provides instant data on the exact position of horses during a race, race rankings, the distance between horses as well as their acceleration and deceleration, and measures the horses’ covered and remaining distance in the race. In addition to these features improving the experience for both racing professionals and spectators, the system does not require any permanent installation on the racecourse, as it is entirely based on satellite data. This enables racecourses located in protected historical or natural sites to be equipped with such advanced technology.


The Official Watch of the QIPCO British Champions Day was a model from the Record collection, featuring a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond indexes. Combining classic elegance and excellence, the pieces of this line are equipped with with automatic calibres and are chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Longines Beijing Masters; Jumping; 2018; Beijing; Longines; Henrik von Eckermann
2018 론진 베이징 마스터즈

3일간의 치열한 경합을 위해 최정상급의 중국 선수와 세계 승마선수들이 한자리에 모인 가운데, 이번 주말 일명 새 둥지(Bird’s Nest)로 불리는 베이징 올림픽 스타디움에서 2018 론진 이퀘스트리안 베이징 마스터스 대회가 열렸습니다. 이번 대회의 타이틀 파트너이자 공식 타임키퍼로 활동하는 론진은 멋진 주말로 마무리된 론진 그랑프리(Longines Grand Prix)에서 우승을 차지한, 씬시티(Cincitty)에 기승한 헨리크 폰 에크만(Henrik von Eckermann)의 탁월한 퍼포먼스 기록을 측정하는 영광을 누렸습니다. 하이 스카이 두 서드(High Sky du Sud)에 기승한 싸이렌 비엔바(Ciren Bianba)와 그린고반텔제누트(Gringovantelzenhout)에 기승한 다니엘 도이제르(Daniel Deusser)가 각각 2, 3위를 차지했습니다. 특별 게스트로 베이징에서 론진과 합류한 대만 배우이자 론진 엘레강스 홍보대사 펑위옌(Eddie Peng)이 헨리크 폰 에크만(Henrik von Eckermann)에게 론진의 우아한 타임피스를 수여하였습니다.


2018 론진 이퀘스트리안 베이징 마스터스(Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters)는 론진에게 레코드 컬렉션의 남성용 모델을 선보이는 특별한 기회이기도 했습니다. 매트 화이트 다이얼과 페인팅 처리된 로마 숫자를 선보이는 이 타임피스는 스위스 공식 크로노미터 테스트 인증 기관인 COSC의 “크로노미터” 인증을 받았습니다. 스테인리스 스틸 브레이슬릿이 이 특별한 타임피스를 완성합니다.

Longines FEI World Cup Western European League; Oslo Horse Show; 2018; Jumping; Douglas Lindelöw; Zacramento
론진 FEI 점핑 월드컵 서유럽 리그 - 오슬로 홀스 쇼

론진 FEI 월드컵™ 점핑 서유럽 리그(Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Western European League)의 2018/2019 시즌 첫 번째 경기에서 더글라스 린델로우(Douglas Lindelöw)가 압도적인 우승을 거두었습니다. 스웨덴 출신의 승마선수 더글라스와 그의 마(馬) 차크라멘토(Zacramento)는 실버 두 드 비르통 HDC(Silver Deux de Virton HDC)에 기승한 프랑스의 케빈 스타우트(Kevin Staut)에 앞서 우승 타이틀을 거머쥐었습니다.


론진은 2019년 4월, 예테보리에서 열리는 론진 FEI 점핑 월드컵™ 파이널(Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Final) 진출을 위한 승점 확보를 위해 승마 선수들이 경쟁을 펼치는 론진 FEI 점핑 월드컵™ 시리즈(서유럽 리그와 북미 리그 및 중국 리그)의 자랑스러운 타이틀 파트너이자 공식 타임키퍼 및 공식 시계로 활약하고 있습니다.


또한, 세계 최정상급 점핑 경기의 장이었던 이번 대회는 관중들에게 대회의 공식 시계인 “고정밀” 콘퀘스트 V.H.P. 모델을 선보이는 완벽한 장소가 되어주었습니다. 이 타임피스는 론진 브랜드만의 특별한 우아함이 돋보이는 탁월한 정밀성과 고도의 기술력, 스포티한 디자인을 결합한 쿼츠 분야의 새로운 업적을 선보입니다.

Longines opens its Flagship Boutique in Orchard Road, Singapore

Longines is pleased to announce the opening of its Singapore Flagship Boutique at Wisma Atria, located along renowned shopping strip, Orchard Road. It is the largest Longines Boutique in Singapore and carries the widest range of timepieces.


“We are looking forward to welcoming our customers in this new Boutique. I’m confident that the Longines Boutique will grant an exclusive shopping experience to every customer. In the name of the Swatch Group and the Longines management, I wish the Boutique and the whole Longines team the best of luck and business with this brand new Longines Boutique.”, said Walter von Känel, President of Longines.


The new Boutique measures approximately 1,500 square foot and reflects the brand’s devotion to tradition, elegance and performance in its design. It features a crystal-clear façade providing an unobstructed view illuminating the entire space. The interior emanates freshness from the clean and luminescent white walls, which are perfectly contrasted by the blend of lacquered wood furniture, leather and white flooring with soft gray veining


A centrepiece formed by five watch towers welcomes customers with a curated display of gold and diamond timepieces. The first section of the boutique features timepieces from the key Longines collections – Elegance, Watchmaking Tradition, Equestrian, Sport and Heritage. Customers are able to view Equestrian timepieces, which are displayed on a dedicated wall, highlighting the brand’s involvement in the Equestrian world.


%break%The second section of the Boutique highlights Longines’ rich history of more than 185 years through a feature wall illustrating the evolution of the Longines’ logo over the years and a display of Heritage timepieces flown in from the brand Museum in Saint-Imier, Switzerland – the birthplace and Headquarter of Longines. A private lounge area at the end of the Boutique is decorated with a white modern sofa atop a plush carpet creating an indulgent yet inviting ambience. Over here, customers are able to browse through desired timepieces and experience the world of Longines.


“We hope that this new boutique will become a destination for watch collectors and enthusiasts to experience discovering watches in an elegant environment reflecting the DNA of the brand”, said Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and Head of International Marketing of Longines. “The visitors will have the opportunity to explore a part of our rich history thanks to the Heritage Corner, specially designed for the occasion and furnished with exceptional timepieces from our Museum. We are now highlighting the remarkable experience the company has acquired in an infinite range of sports events that exude elegance, technology, precision and strength, which are all characteristic features of the brand.”